Globe Trotting

by Gary Lacoste

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Group 360 on this illustration for the back of a cereal box.

tl_files/content/sketchblog/2014/final.jpgFinal art



Client rough and my reworked rough

360 had given the client a very tight concept and layout. I was brought in to redraw the vignettes of the kids. While redrawing the kids the idea of bringing a little humor to the globe came up which in turn lead to adding the sun up in the corner. The word bubbles were reworked to fit the new elements.


Final sketches

I redrew my rough, adding some outer space details to the background and hand lettering the nationalities and title. The word bubbles and text were brought back in and some gray tones were added to help the sketch look a bit more finished. Off for approval. Got the go ahead from 360 and the client with just a few minor changes.




From the used space shuttle chained up to a satellite to the sun's flaming eyebrows all the little details make these projects so much fun.


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