Bumbles Bake!

by Gary Lacoste

Here's some process pics of my artwork for "The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass" group art show.

The show celebrates the legendary duo Arthur Rankin & Jules Bass, creators of such timeless TV perennials as RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA, THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY and more.

My artwork is a personal piece done a few years ago featuring the Bumble Snow Monster from RUDOLPH and Topper the penguin from SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN. Being up against the art deadline an old black 8x10 shadow box frame found in the studio served as a starting point. In between coating it in red paint I started getting the artwork ready.



Since the frame was a shadow box the artwork would benefit from a little added depth. To get that look I printed out the foreground elements (the table and Bumble) separately on heavy stock.



With my trusty x-acto knife I trimmed out the table and Bumble. For the background I cut the doorway out from one of the prints and mounted that print to the top of the other. That gave the arched doorway a little added depth.



Foam core was trimmed out as spacers. The Bumble had one spacer, the table and word bubble two.



The table and Bumble were mounted to the retro kitchen background and the artwork was gingerly placed into the freshly painted frame. The "Bumbles Bake" plaque was placed on the frame.



With box and "bumble wrap" in hand off to Fedex I went. After an overnight sliegh ride Bumble and Topper are in Burbank, California ready for a December 6th opening at Creature Features. Lots of amazing artwork featuring all those beloved Rankin/Bass characters will be on display. Show runs through January 4th.

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