TJ Trapper, Bully Zapper

by Gary Lacoste


Last year I had the pleasure of illustrating a series of chapter books for Abdo Publishing. Wonderfully written by Lisa Mullarkey and edited by Stephanie Hedlund the books follow 4th grader TJ Trapper as he navigates various bullying situations. Being a school teacher, Lisa did a great job detailing the different types of bullying from gossiping to social media. She even included glossaries, tips on how to stop bullying, and additional reading materials in each book.tl_files/content/sketchblog/2013/trapper.jpg

When designing the characters I couldn’t help but model TJ Trapper after Trapper from the T.V. show M*A*S*H. Growing up in the 80’s the show was constantly on as reruns and I fondly remember laughing at them with my dad and brothers. Below are some interior illustrations. To see more please check out the book section of my website.


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