Tow Mailer step by step

by Gary Lacoste

Lately I've been sending out some promos in envelopes I've drawn on. This envelope is destined for an art director friend at Disney publishing. Here's the step by step....


1. Pencil sketch of good old Mater carrying the mail.


tl_files/content/sketchblog/2013/2.jpg2. Add some gray marker, outline with a Bic pen.


tl_files/content/sketchblog/2013/3.jpg3. Lay in the highlights and start adding color with Caran D'Ache painting crayons


tl_files/content/sketchblog/2013/4.jpg4. Use some Prismacolor pencils to tighten up the outlines.


tl_files/content/sketchblog/2013/5.jpg5. Add Tow Mater's name using some acrylic paint.

Off to California it goes...

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